November 11, 2019

Happy World Kindness Day!

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Were you grumpy last Monday when you walked into work? Were you pissed at all the traffic you had to deal with when you were coming home from work? I'm gonna take a wild guess and say most of you dealt with at least one.
You know what can make people happy? Kindness. A simple gesture of being nice can change someone's frown into a smile. A stranger holding the door for you while you enter Starbucks, someone giving up their seat to you on the train because they can feel the exhaustion coming off of you, someone paying that extra ten cents that your cup of coffee costs because you didn't have enough. Hell....even just a simple hello or a smile from someone can brighten up your day.
I know this all sounds nice if it's being done to you, but how about doing it for someone else? Be nice on World Kindness Day. Give your neighbor a smile in the morning. Let someone go ahead of you in line just because. It's always nice to be nice. And it doesn't just have to be on the designated day. But start then and you might just make a habit of sending out positive vibes to the people around you.

Go on, be nice!

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