September 10, 2018

My iPhone 8+ Case Collection.

It's no secret that I'm Team Apple. I've been an Apple sheep for over a decade. I currently have the iPhone 8+ in silver with 64GB. I love my freakin phone. It's just so...pretty. But I do like to dress it up every now and again. Here are all the cases I have for my electronic baby.

From looking at these pictures, you can tell a few things: I love unicorns and purple. death. I am a grown ass adult that like unicorns. I'm not ashamed.

I've purchased most of these cases from Amazon. You can check out one of the unicorn cases here - the larger more obnoxious one doesn't seem to be available anymore.

I'm a big fan of Spigen cases. I buy at least one for every phone I have. The two black ones can be found here and here. If you're looking for a case that you can run out of the house with your keys, cards, and phone, I recommend the wristlet case.

I got this wonderful set of ten clear bumpered cases for a mere $14. I like these cause they're versatile and fun to switch out the colors whenever you feel like it.

You can also see that I'm a big fan of Pop Sockets. I'm terrified of dropping my phone (some cases can be so damn slippery), so these work wonders for me. My fave is the anatomically correct heart one on my clear black bumper case. It looks so cool.

My mom says I don't need anymore phone cases. She's probably right. Since most likely I'm going to snatch up one of the new iPhones come September. With that ten pack, I should be good. But I just love pretty cases.


What phone do you have and what kind of cases do you have for it?

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