August 13, 2018

Monica Lives: Panic! At The Disco's Pray For The Wicked Concert.

Last year I got into going to more concerts and events and things (I went to see Kinky Boots in the summer). This year I've planned to do the same.

I just got back from seeing Panic! At The Disco for the second time. They kicked off their Pray For The Wicked tour a few weeks ago, and I've been excited as hell for the concert.

We got better seats this time around, because you know...why the fuck not. So close that the fire special effects I actually felt from my seat. If I was hot, I can't imagine how the band felt with that shit on stage, haha.

The album is amazing (you can purchase it here), and the concert was amazing. I'm debating whether or not I want to go again when they come to Brooklyn in January. Idk, I have time to figure it out.

Yay for summer concerts.


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