May 7, 2018

Laquer Love: China Glaze Agro and Pop Beauty Twinkle.

Coffin nsils with China Glaze Agro and Pop Beauty Twinkle

So I let you guys know that I've started doing my own fake nails at home a few posts ago. After doing many nail sets on my own, I've gotten a little better at doing them. Cuticle care seems to be very important, as the nail sits much better when the cuticle has been pushed back. Here I'm wearing China Glaze's "Agro" (from the Hunger Games collection that came out a few years ago), with Pop Beauty's "Twinkle" on my ring finger.

I like this set better than my last because I actually took more time to do it, which is why it looks a tad more natural. I'm loving doing my own fake nails because there's no nail salon visit every two weeks or waiting in queue AT the actual nail salon. Plus it's way more cost friendly. You get tons of nails for such a decent price, so you can change sets whenever you feel like it.


Suggest some polish colors to me in the comments!

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