April 18, 2018

DIY At-Home Nails.

So lately I've been into wearing longer nails. My natural nails grow, but they grow so wonky and uneven that I end up clipping them/filing them down to nothing. I considered going to the nail salon to get a set of acrylics, but that wouldn't be monetarily worth it for me because I barely go anywhere. That and I hate when my nails grow and you can see your cuticle after like a week.

So I thought that I might get some cheap nails off of Amazon and see what I could do. After many YouTube tutorials, I tried my first set. They weren't horrible. The set pictured here is my second try at a full set. Since that set, I've done more and more sets and I've gotten much better.


Keep an eye out for an update and photos of more recent sets. Trust me, they'll look better than this.

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