February 12, 2018

3 Things.

I've gone a while without wearing a lot of makeup when I leave the house. I've recently started to get back into the habit. It's nice to go out and look pretty, even if you're not doing something super social or important. And yay for a red lip.

The. Fucking. Office. I've always heard about how good this show was. And saw tons of hilarious memes taken from it. I've finally gotten into it and it's so goddamn funny I can't even. I love that I'm only on season three and have a ton of episodes left to watch. Once I finish the American version, I'm going to get into the UK one.

Starbucks is life dude. My best friend and I used to have coffee dates every week. But because of busy schedules we kind of stopped. We realized how much we missed them so we make it a point to have our Starbucks once a week.

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