November 13, 2017

I Got Hit By A Car.

I've Been Absent...

So….I’ve been gone for a good while. I hate leaving my blog for long periods of time. But this time I had to. Why? I was struck by a vehicle.

A few weeks ago, I was attempting to hail a cab (something that’s pretty simple and commonplace here in Brooklyn/New York). I was a bit of an idiot, and was in the actual street waving my hand around. Somewhere in doing this, I was struck by a minivan.

I didn’t even realize I got hit. I apparently (this was told to me by witnesses and the police) passed out in the street from the hit and then got right back up and started walking around like I didn’t just almost die.

I had blood all over my face and chest, but I didn’t even notice it. People kept stopping me and telling me to wait for an ambulance, but I was in such a daze that I ignored most of them and continued walking trying to get a cab.

Eventually, I got into an ambulance that was waiting for me. I was sent to the hospital close by, which just so happened to be the hospital I was born in.

I was there for a few hours. A doctor cleaned my wounds, some oral surgeons stitched up my mouth (I literally had two holes in my chin area that were pouring out blood) and put a splint on a few of my teeth, I was given a cane, and some tylenol to take for the pain. When I actually lifted my head up from the bed I was in, I realized my head was bleeding. This terrified my mom even more (she ran to the hospital right after she found out), and I had a CT scan done to make sure there were no serious head injuries. Thankfully, there weren’t, just a cut/scrape on my scalp.

It wasn’t until I tried standing after being released (yes, they actually let me leave that night without monitoring me…something that made me despise this particular hospital more) that I realized my left knee hurt so badly that I could barely walk. I was given a cane, and as of now I still have pain in my knee. I had x-rays done on my knee, but the doctors did not find anything wrong. I was told it could be a torn meniscus, but I’d have to get an MRI to be sure. I have yet to get that and confirm that diagnosis.

The accident obviously effected me physically, but it also gave me a lot to think about. I could have died. But I did not. That is a wonderful thing. The incident reminded me that life is extremely short and very beautiful. I appreciate life much more now. It’s sad that it took my almost dying for that to happen, but I do.

Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover a lot of the procedures I need done for my recovery. If you'd like to help me out, visit my GoFundMe here.

Any little bit helps....

While I still suffer from pain throughout various parts of my body, I will be okay. And I am grateful for that.

Love you guys lots and lots.

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