July 31, 2017

My Top 5 Handbag Essentials.

My Bag Essentials

No matter which bag I'm using at the moment, there are a few things that I definitely need before I leave the house.

That clear bottle with the purple top is the perfume I currently have in my bag. It's a cocktail of a bunch of different scents, so I really don't have a name for it. All I know is that a fragrance is absolutely essential if I'm leaving the house.

Lip Balm
This changes throughout the months. Right now I'm using a Nivea one that's pretty darn good, and it's even better cause it fits so nicely in my small bag. Chapped lips is not cute. At all.

This seems obvious. There's usually at least one person home at all times in my house, but just in case, I always have my own keys.

If you think lady parts leaking blood is too much for you, ignore this portion of the post. This is just one of the (what seems like) millions of tampons I have in my bag. For me, for my friend, for a stranger, whatever. I am prepared for my lady time.

Hands down one of my most important items in my bag. I don't care how small my bag is, I find a way to fit a travel sized deodorant in there. I just cannot walk around with the fear that I might smell bad - never that.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?

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