May 29, 2017

3 Things.

Rainbows And Beaches

I went out with one of my friends the other day. We went for coffee - coffee that was NOT Starbucks (crazy, I know), and ended up driving all throughout Brooklyn and Queens. It stormed for a bit, but right after the storm we got this pretty ass rainbow to oggle over.

Attack On Titan

I thought I liked anime. But I never knew how much I really liked anime until I got into Attack On Titan. I first heard about it from watching JackSepticEye's let's plays of the game. I liked those, so I picked up some of the manga. Loved that, so I got into the anime. This show is wonderful. Kind of gruesome and violent at times (fuckyes), but wonderful.

Fur Baby

This little guy right here though. I've been going through some tough things recently, but through it all he's been keeping me sane. I love my fur baby. And I don't know if you know this, but simply rubbing your pet sends out hormones that automatically make you feel good. So not only is he cute as fuck, he's a walking and breathing de-stressser.

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