December 5, 2016

Weekly Crushes: Youtuber Appreciation.

Usually when I do a Crushes post, it includes a bunch of different things I'm loving. This time around, I'm gonna focus specifically on YouTubers that I love. So here's a few that have helped me along the way and always find myself going back to.

JackSepticEye (Sean) - Probably not the first person you'd expect to be on my list of favorite YouTubers - since he is a gaming channel. But over the past few months, I have ended up loving this man with all my heart. He's funny, he's sweet, he loves his viewers, he has green hair, and...he's Irish. Accent and all *flutters eyelashes*. Sean's just celebrated his 100th episode of a game called Happy Wheels, which is probably my favorite series on his channel. He did a livestream of it, but check out the video of it here.

Grav3yardGirl (Bunny) - It took me a while to get used to Bunny. But now I love her. Her channel focuses on things other than beauty stuff - more on the side of trying out As Seen On TV things, and Pinterest hacks tryouts. She's funny, she's goofy, her eyes are beautiful. And she's a Texan. What more could you ask for?

EmilyNoel83 (Emily Noel) - She's always so thorough with her reviews/videos, I always feel like I've really learned something. She's usually the one I go to if I really want to know if I should purchase a product or not.

OhHaiClaire (Claire Marshall) - My favorite YouTuber ever, hands down. I love her aesthetic, love her reviews, and her personality is just one to strive for. She's so laid back and just cool. I love that.

Glam Life Guru (Tati) - Another beauty guru that gives thorough reviews and insight on products. I totally trust my makeup-buying money with her reviews and things. 

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