November 17, 2016

Hello Hello, I Love You: Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream.

Hello Hello, I Love You is the new name of my former series No Regrets, Just Love. Same idea -showing things I've used a lot and are my favorites,  just different lyrics - from Katy Perry to Adore Delano =).

I've said this many times on the blog before - I love Lush products (see my posts on their Ocean Salt Scrub and Dirty Body Gel). Particularly their body washes. After they discontinued their Tramp body cream (tears were shed the day I found out), I needed to find a new fix for my patchouli (and green body wash) obsession. Lord Of Misrule is that gem.

The Lush website describes it as:
This sweet and spicy sudser is back for another year to fill your shower with its intoxicating perfume of black pepper, patchouli and vanilla. Lavish your skin by lathering up this shower cream, full of moisturizing glycerin and wheat germ oil. With skin so soft, don't be surprised if you find yourself getting up to no good.
I love any scent with patchouli in it, and the black pepper is just an added bonus (I have a thing for men's scents and the notes in them). I can attest for the sweet factor in there. You'd think with patchouli and black pepper being in there, you'd have nothing but spice. But that vanilla kicks in and calms things down a bit. But not so much that it's an obnoxious sweet. I will say it's not too great on the moisturizing front. It doesn't leave me feeling bone dry, it just doesn't help with any soft silky feeling you'd want coming straight out of the shower. A lotion or body butter is definitely needed afterwards.

Also...the suds are green dude. GREEN. It ends up being a bit of a weird mess to explain when you come out of the shower, but whatever. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 

Unfortunately, though, Lord Of Misrule is seasonal. I'm pretty sure it comes out around Halloween time. It's still available online now, so if you're like me and love scents like this, go getchu some!

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