September 28, 2016

Monica Lives: Melanie Martinez Concert.

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This past weekend I went to the second concert I've ever been to in my life: Melanie Martinez. As I purchased these tickets about three months ago, I was excited as hell to finally see Cry Baby in all her live glory.

The only other concert I'd ever been to before this was Fueled By Ramen's anniversary concert with Paramore, Fun., and a few other bands. That was years ago, and I remember loving it. This time around I thought it'd be just Melanie, but she had an opening band called Handsome Ghosts. I had never heard of them before the show, but they were pretty damn good. 

Melanie's show was amazing - duh. As you can probably guess by that regular-degular photo up there, I don't have pics from the show. Well I do, they're just horrible because I wasn't focusing on taking good pictures - I was focusing on taking in a good show. I felt so awesome seeing someone live who i knew all the words to all of their songs. Needless to say I left Hammerstein with a raspy voice and ringing ears. 

I loved every minute of it, and was sad when it was over. But I can't wait for my next concert. Who's it gonna be? Panic! At The Disco hopefully, if I can snag a pair of tickets in this presage. Wish me luck guys. 

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