August 8, 2016

I Know I'm Late But...The Walking Dead.

Image Credit: The Walking Dead Wikipedia Page

I know this show has been a fan(dom) favorite for a very long time. Everyone and their mom loves it - hell, even my mom loves it and she's never apart of any fandom. The first five seasons of it are on Netflix, so of course I've been binging.

I first attempted to get into TWD about a year ago. But I could not go on because of a certain thing being killed by zombies at the end of the pilot episode. So I noped the fuck out of the show. But I'm kind of bored with my one-star horror movies on Netflix, so I decided to actually get into a series I've never watched. And that is The Walking Dead.

As of right now, I'm on Season 3 Episode 10. This show is darn good. A tad bit overdramatic at times, but I can look past that because of how good it is. Also, Norman Reedus is in it. I cannot help but call him Judas throughout this entire show (instead of the character's actual name, Daryl). I can't undo what Lady Gaga has done to me, so whatever...his name is Judas.

I just checked, and it seems as though Season 6 starts late October. I might just be able to catch up with the old episodes just in time for the season premiere - who knows. Although I'd hate to be one of the fangirls sitting at the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens after a commercial, or an episode cliffhanger, or even worse - a season cliffhanger. Ugh I cringe at the thought.

Netflix, you are amazing.

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