May 18, 2016

How To Be Active In The Summer...Even If You Hate The Summer.

My birthday is in August. But guess what? I hate the summer. Despise it. I know everyone loves this time of the year - no school, beach visits, vacations, etc. But I hate the heat and it gets really gross, humid, and hot here in New York City during the summer.

However, I know I can't just sit in my house for three months straight. So here are some of the things I do during those three(ish) months that are summer, but not too summer for me.

Go To The Highline
I'm not a big fan of parks (do I like anything, really?), so I've never really liked Central Park. However, New York City has another (newly) iconic park - The Highline. It's an elevated park that runs up and down a few streets of Manhattan. One of my friends and I have made it tradition to go there when the weather starts to get nice and just chill out.

Coney Island Boardwalk
Yes, I really mean just the boardwalk. I hate beaches (this goes back to my hatred of summer, keep up). There's no real dirty New York City sand to worry about, and there's tons of random places to grab a bite/drink at. And I actually just enjoy sitting on the benches and just looking at the beach and the water. I know that sounds kind of emo, but in this case, looking is nicer than actually experiencing for me.

Rooftop Bars
There's tons of these here and I have yet to visit one. I've always liked the idea of one, because they seem to trendy, and depending on where it's located, I'll get a great view of...whatever's down below.

Hanging Out At Chelsea Piers
Again, I like just looking at things and appreciating their beauty. So as soon as the last Winter wind is gone, I start heading to the pier (not just the ones at Chelsea, actually). I walk around a bit, and just watch the boats on the river and take in the wonderful air and vibe there.

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