May 30, 2016

How I Create A Blog Post.

When it comes to blogging, everyone has their own way of doing it. For a while now, this is the process that's been working for me.

Come Up With Post Idea
I have a notebook that I use as a personal journal and blogging book. I write all my post ideas and blog to-dos in there. I usually make a list (this list I refresh every few weeks or so, as my ideas and priority of posts change) of ideas, then pick the top three I would like to work on next. The one in the number one spot is the one I start on.

Take Pictures of Product
This is usually the difficult part for me. I have to first of all feel like taking photos, and then make sure I have the right (usual natural) lighting to take the photos. This means no nighttime photoshoots, which sucks, since that's when I feel the most creative. I usually end up with a bunch of photos of one product, but end up dumping most of them and having to pick between about four or so that I really like. For my posts that aren't product related, usually personal or blog ones, I have my standard image that I use for all posts of these types (the one used in this post), and I just use that.

Edit Product Pictures
This usually doesn't take much time for me. Luckily, most of the photos I take don't really need much editing. So it's usually just some resizing, maybe cropping, and adding my watermark. I use Photoshop for this.

Write Post
I know there are many people who like to write the post before taking their photos, but I'm the opposite. Somehow the photos of the product help inspire my writing for the post, so this is one of the last things I do.

Edit Post
No real writer leaves out editing. Gotta make sure things are in tip-top shape.

Figure Out Publish Date
This really depends on what other posts I have scheduled, and what other posts I had on that top three list I mentioned earlier. I'm not one to make a post and publish it the same day - I usually finish them up and schedule them out for weeks ahead.


Since everything is auto-published/scheduled, I don't really have to worry about the actual act of posting. I just have to do all the promotional and social media stuff that goes along with it.

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