April 4, 2016

Strange And Pretty Post Round Up.

In case you've missed anything here on Strange And Pretty, here's a few posts you should go and check out.

Current Read - Corey Taylor You're Making Me Hate You: Someone gave the lead singer of Slipknot a book deal, and it is the greatest decision ever made. He's so angry and grumpy - and he explains exactly why it's all our fault.

Loving Yourself More And Letting The Happy In: Our busy lives sometimes make it hard for us to stop and just feel good. I make it a point to focus on happy rather than unhappy.

4 Reasons I Got Back Into Fitness: Starting my fitness journey has not been easy, but I have so much motivation to keep going with it.

Evian Facial Spray: I've been keeping this stuff in my bag for years. And since summer's coming up, this is an essential for me.

No Regrets, Just Love - Yes To Cucumbers Wipes: Another old time favorite. It's drugstore, good for your skin, and actually works. I've lost count how many packages of these things I've gone through.

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