April 11, 2016

Review: Wet N Wild Photofocus Setting Spray.

wet n wild setting spray

If you've been with me for a while, you know I'm always on the fence about setting sprays. In my personal experience, they don't do much. I've put them on before, after, and between beating my face. I never noticed much of a difference. But because I'm not a quitter (and a product junkie), I wanted to try out Wet N Wild's new Photofocus Setting Spray.

First off, this is a drugstore setting spray. Those are not very common (even though I believe Loreal has recently come out with one as well). Second, it's Wet N Wild. I love Wet N Wild. Upon first spritz, I realized one thing - it smells like whiskey. It was like I had sprayed straight up Jack Daniels on my face. And this was a Wednesday morning - it was no where near turn up time for all that. That was a bit off-putting, but I'm not one who's sensitive to smells like that.

The first day of using it I didn't notice much difference. My makeup didn't look any better hours later or any of that awesome. But again, it was my first try with the stuff. After using it a few more times, I actually see it working a bit. Just yesterday I used it (spraying it after applying my makeup) and about six hours into the day, my makeup was still there and flawless. Also, I was not a grease ball. I repeat - Monica was not a grease ball after hours of wearing makeup. The only thing that looked dewy was....my highlight. It was wonderful.

I like this stuff. It actually works on me, that gives it brownie points alone. I hope Wet N Wild keeps this around and doesn't reformulate it or anything. Because I finally found a setting spray for me...yay!

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  1. This stuff is the bomb at turning eyeshadow into eyeliner! I just spritz an angle brush and go to town. I did this with my urban decay electric pallette, and the liner lasted all day, no smudging or creasing!


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