April 21, 2016

My Tattoo Story.

I titled this "My Tattoo Story", but I'm gonna be honest: I have just two tattoos. I guess this is still gonna be a "story", really, but don't expect me to give you a full on lesson on body modification.

The tattoo shown is on my left forearm. It's a quote from the movie Sucker Punch and says "You have all the weapons you need...now FIGHT". I've watched that movie a million times, and it's been my favorite quote ever since. To me it means that you don't need anything else but yourself to be able to fight your demons and whatever obstacles come in your way. Considering my ongoing battle with depression, this means a lot to me. While I do need help from various people to make sure I'm okay, it really all comes down to me and how hard I'm willing to fight to feel better.

Now, this is my second tattoo. The first one I got was an angel/saint/fae helping a crouching crying girl with the quote "Somewhere weakness is our strength". That is a lyric from the song "Let The Flames Begin" by Paramore, one of my favorite bands. I won't be showing a photo of that because it's on my upper right thigh and I risk my lady bits being posted on the internet - so nopity nope nope for that. This also is related to my depression, and just the hardships I've faced in my life. Within weakness, you will find strength. And that is extremely important to remember when life is sucking real hard for you.

I have about...five other tattoo ideas in mind. I want the word "Hope" on the back of my neck, "To Write Love On Her Arms" on my....arm (I was a former self harmer), The Evil Queen somewhere on me (will I even have any bare skin left with all these ideas?), and a few others I have in mind but am not sure of. Now, I am definitely not getting any of these anytime soon - because, well, cash money, and, I like to make sure I think long and hard about putting something permanently on my body.

I once was never for tattoos - the whole permanent thing scared me. I was a piercing person. But now I'm okay with it as long as it means a lot to me and is something I will love forever and ever.

What's your feeling on tattoos and body modifications in general?

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