April 18, 2016

LA Splash Sangre Azul Liquid Lipstick.

la splash sangre azul

Last year around Halloween, LA Splash came out with the limited edition Dia De Los Muertos collection. It featured six shades of liquid lipsticks, that once set, were matte on the lips. I had my eyes set on Sangre Azul, and amazingly months after the collection was realized I found a few left at my local Ricky's.

The LA Splash Cosmetic describes these lipsticks as:

Dia De Los Muertos collection. StudioShine Lip Lustre. Specially formulated for a long lasting happily ever after.
Now, all six shades are absolutely gorgeous. They have a metallic look to them, which I normally am not a fan of at all, but it's not too noticeable once it sets. Setting time is about seven to ten minutes.

la splash sangre azul

Sangre Azul is a beautiful deeper blue shade, that only seems as light as it does because of that slight metallic look it has.

I have one issue with this lipstick: it feels like goddamn paint on my lips. I know I'm knew to this whole liquid lipstick trend, but sweet god if this is what this world is like I want nothing to do with it. Now, I understand it's common for liquid lipstick to feel drying on the lips - that's one of the sacrifices we have to make for its wonderful staying power. However, this didn't feel just drying. MAC Russian Red is drying - Sangre Azul felt like I slathered on a fresh coat of house paint and it just sat there for hours, and that's with a generous layer of lip balm undernearth.

I absolutely love this color - I've been in the market for a blue lippie for a while now. And I'm not gonna lie, I will wear it again. I'm just going to be a tad more prepared the next time I do. I might even pick up a few more shades =X.

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