April 28, 2016

E.L.F. Small Taperered Brush.

elf cosmetics small tapered brush

I've never used a brush like this before, so I decided to pick one up and see what I can do with it. It looks like it would work well with setting the under eye, or highlighting. 

I've started out with using this to put on my highlight (power, not sure how it would pan out with a cream). This brush is pretty much perfect for that purpose. It fits absolutely perfectly in that area on top of the cheekbones where you place your highlight. It's not too dense, it tapers off at the top just right, and it makes it ridiculously simple to do that quick swipe to get my highlight on the tops of my cheekbones.

I've tried many brushes to apply my highlight with. Some of them were good, so were eh, and some were just plain wrong. But I really feel like I've found my holy grail right now. And it was only three freaking dollars. WUT. Perfect all around.

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