April 1, 2016

Current Read: The Mortal Instruments City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.

After reading Corey Taylor's wonderful piece of literature, I kind of wanted something a little less...angsty and angry. So, of course, I went the Young Adult route. I really liked The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones movie, so after I watched it about ten times, I read the first book. It was pretty good. It got me hooked on the series, so now I'm onto book two - City Of Ashes.

So far this one is okay. It's long - almost Harry Potter long. But not as Harry Potter entertaining. To be honest, I've thought about putting it down for a while and starting another book (I went crazy in Barnes & Noble one week). But I hate NOT finishing books, so I can't do that. And I'm actually a fan of this series, so I would like to know what happens. But it's giving me a bit of a "meh" feeling at this point.

I will certainly finish City Of Ashes, but it might take a while. Either because I put it down for long periods of time, or because I've started another book in between. Wish me luck either way.

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