April 13, 2016

Current Music: Panic! At The Disco's Death Of A Bachelor.

Sweet lord do I love this band. I fell in love with them in high school (Haven't you people ever heard of...who DIDN'T fall in love with them back then?). A Fever You Can't Sweat out was my shit back then. Then things got a little muddy in the Panic! (or drop the exclamation, I guess) camp. I was not a fan of those times.

However, my band is back with another album that I just cannot stop listening to. I just can't. Every song on this album is a gem. Every. Single. One. But, I will say my faves are the title track, Death Of A Bachelor and maybe...Don't Threaten Me With A Good time. But really, there's no real to skip any tracks on this. Listen to it all the way through and then listen to it again.

You can purchase Death Of A Bachelor on iTunes here.

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