March 21, 2016

UPDATE: 4 Reasons Why I Got Back Into Fitness.

So, it's been a few months since I've started my new journey into fitness. I can't remember the exact date, but it was around December of 2015. How's it working out for me? Here, I'll tell you.

I feel amazing. First off, like I originally mentioned in my 4 Reasons Why I Got Back Into Fitness post, going to the gym gives me something to do when I'm bored. I get bored a lot. So going to gym has makes me so happy because I'm being productive and doing something healthy for myself. It feels good being there, and I feel damn good when I'm leaving. It feel like I have all the energy in the world and I can do any damn thing.

Also, I'm not counting calories or going for a goal weight. To be honest, I haven't checked my weight since the first time I started going to Blink. I don't need to lose weight (even though I know it's inevitable when exercising), and I have too much stuff to keep track up in my mind in a day already for me to worry about some damn calories. Eventually I will step on a scale and see what's good with my weight, and maybe at one point I'll be more conscious of my calorie intake.

Yesterday I had a personal training session that wore me ALL the way out. I am so sore right now. But I love this soreness. I feel accomplished. My trainer had me do so much, so so much. She helped me use machines I had no idea how to work before, and how to use them to help with my focus points. Also, she taught me how to do a proper squat. Thank freaking GOODNESS. I was always so afraid I was doing squats wrong that I never bothered. But now I know how to do them right and I love with them. I just did a set of squats waiting for a cab with my mom. Yup, it's easy LIKE THAT.

I love this experience and I want to keep going. I just hope I stay as motivated as I am now. Because this all feels amazing.

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