January 11, 2016

My Entertainment Obsessions: Netlix, Spotify, and Hulu.

Netflix has been a love of mine for a few years. After they switched it all the way up on us and started charging separate fees for streaming and physical DVDs, I thought me and The Flix had severed our ties. But nope, they had other plans. They started that whole....original series thing. Can we say....Orange Is The New Black? I'm currently watching Marvel's Jessica Jones (because...David Tennant), and I'm hooked on that. But what I really love is finding the weirdest, lowest rated movies and watching them. I wanna see just how bad this thing is for it to only get a half of a star. I can go on binges of terrible movies for hours, tbh.

I've always loved Spotify. The free version was great in itself - so much so, I didn't much mind the commercials. But then there was some deal where you got 3 months for only .99. I had to get up on that. Even when that trial was over, I still kept the subscription up because the service is just so wonderful. Instead of having to download first, and then see if I even like it, I can do a quick Spotify search, find the song, listen to it, and chose whether I want to download it or not. It's wonderful.

I just recently got on the Hulu bandwagon. I never thought I'd need it because most of the shows offered on there are already on television. But then I did this magical thing called "stop watching television" and it became convenient for me. I can catch up on my Once Upon A Time, How To Get Away With Murder, and get THIS - Daria is on Hulu.

Daria. My childhood hero. 

Ahh I love having my favorite nostalgic things right at my fingertips.

What are some apps that give you your entertainment fix?

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