January 5, 2016

I Know I'm Late But...Melanie Martinez.

Sometimes I feel like I've been living under a rock when I hear about new things. And by "new" I mean new to me. "The I Know I'm Late But..." series will feature things (music, people, movies, TV shows, etc.) that have been out for a while but I've just gotten into.

For my first post, I'm featuring Melanie Martinez. She's a singer/songwriter that gives me Katy Perry mixed with a lot of trippy shit, LSD, and outright awesomeness. AND she's from New York...I love finding out people I'm into are from the same state as me.

Melanie Martinez

Here's her video for the song Pity Party:

I first heard the song "Mad Hatter" in a Harley Quinn makeup tutorial. I loved that tutorial, and the song fit it so well. Songs with Alice In Wonderland undertones always get me, so of course it's been on repeat for the past two weeks.
I've also seen some of her live performances (via YouTube) and she seems like she puts on a good show. I like it. And apparently her song "Carousel" was featured on American Horror Story Freak Show....so I was already hearing awesomeness without even realizing it.

I've stopped listening to the radio, so finding new music is a bit of a task for me. So I love finding gems like Ms. Martinez, especially when she has a decent collection of music that I like just as much as the first song I knew her for.

What's something new to you that everyone else seems to already be into?

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