December 21, 2015

Five Things I Want To Do Before I'm 40.

Strange and Pretty Personal
I'm not gonna sit and say I'm getting old. But, I am 27 and that's damn close to 30 (still, not old, I know). Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff I haven't experienced in my life yet. I kind of simplified my "before 40 bucket list". Here's what I wanna do.

I'll just say it: I have never been out of the tristate area (if you're not familiar with the east coast of The States, that's the three states of New York, Conneticut, and New Jersey). All I really know and am familiar with is New York. This is sad, considering my age. I see photos of my friends going all over the damn place, and I'm sitting here watching BBC America in my pjs like "Welp". I know I shouldn't compare myself to everyone else, and that's not really what this is. I truly want to see the world. I've always wanted to go to England, so that would be my first choice. Other destinations I'm thinking about are Barbados, Dominican Republic, Greece, and Italy.

I think I might be afraid of heights. I can't confirm this though, since the highest up I've been was one of those rides where you shoot straight up and come back down. And THAT terrified me. But I want to test/get over that fear and skydive. Either skydiving or zip lining. Something that involves tons of adrenaline and being high up in the air.

(Finish) Learn(ing) Another Language
I took a bunch of Spanish classes when I was in junior high school. I learned a lot, and still remember a decent amount of it. I can usually decipher a conversation if I listen hard enough. And if I wanted to, I could speak some sentences out loud. This comes in handy living in New York City, and also makes it easier to keep the language fresh in my head. But I should really finish up learning it because knowing another language, any language, is ridiculously useful. And I already know some of this one, so why not go all in?

Get On A Plane
This goes along with the traveling and possible fear of heights points I mentioned earlier. Getting on a plane means I'd go somewhere farther than Westchester, and I'll see how I react to heights. It's a simple thing that most people have done dozens of times, but for me it'd be brand new.

Have A Baby
A lot of my friends have kids right now - at least one. I'm not saying I want to get knocked up tomorrow, but I do want a family of my own. I've heard being a mother is one of the most beautiful things to ever experience. And I want to feel that. Eventually - don't expect me to pop out a baby nine months from now.

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