November 30, 2015

Current Quick-Face Makeup.

So I've been keeping my makeup routine ridiculously short and to the point lately. I barely even wear eyeliner. Most days, it's just this set of products and I'm out the door.
L.A. Girl Pro Conceal
I've been ranting and raving over this forever - even did a blog post about it. Still my favorite concealer ever. And Ricky's has it now - no need for me to make an online order just for one item.
Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder
I picked this up randomly from a drugstore just to try out new powders. I like it, I guess. It does it's job at setting my makeup nicely. And the color match is damn good too.

Maybelline BB Cream
It's barely been sunny in NYC recently, but I use this for its light coverage and easy to slap on my face real quick when I'm headed out the door. I'll always love Maybelline stuff, always.
Mac Love Thing
I've blabbered about how much I love this blush for a while now. It goes great with the simplicity of this look because it's that one thing adding that extra umph to everything. Love it and never stop loving it.
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Pretty much all my mascaras are by Maybelline (what? I told you I love this brand). I just got into Great Lash a few years ago. Another simple product that does its job well - nothing spectacular, just mascara on your lashes.
Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder
I once used this to set my entire face. But I realized it was a bit too light for that. Now I use it just to set my under eye concealer. I'm horrible at that whole under the eye brightening stuff, but this seems to help me achieve that with ease.
What's your favorite in your everyday makeup routine right now?


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