November 19, 2015

And It Starts: My Obsession With Phone Cases.

I'm just be straight up honest here. The reason I switched to #TeamApple is because damn near all the pretty fancy accessories were made for this line of phones and this line only. I wanted the pretty cases, the nice tripods and dashboard, all that.

So when I purchased my iPhone 5 from Tmobile (when they finally got with the program), I was totes excited. My case collection grew every damn week. But I recently upgraded to the 6s and I'm loving it. But all my wonderful cases I had for my 5 are now obsolete. I must grow my case collection and get my case game up. Cause I need ALL of the cases. All of them.

Anyone know of any sites where they sell really cool/different/original/weird cases? If you do leave me a comment below or talk to me about it on my Twitter.


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