November 18, 2015

Am I Creative?

Yesterday someone told me that I'm "creative". I immediately responded with "Wait no I'm not". This person mentioned how much I love writing, and when she did read what I've written, it was good (I went to high school with this girl and we had many English classes together). Hearing her say that made me wonder if I really am creative, and I've just been dormant in my creativity for so long that I forgot it exists in me.

I always get jealous (the good, inspiring kind of jealousy) when I read blogs, essays, articles, and other things of the like because I just think the people writing them have a special talent. A talent that I don't have. But I stop and remember that I DO have that talent - I just need to use it more.

And I'm going to be honest here and say, things haven't been as well as I'd like them to be as of late. So I feel dipping into my creativity bucket might help me feel better about things. I'm gonna give this all a try and see where it gets me. Wish me luck.


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