October 2, 2015

I Got An iPhone 6s!

So, I've had an iPhone 5 for the past year and a half. Love the little thing. It's cute, functions wonderfully, and I can find pretty much any case for it I'd ever want. All that's great and dandy except...I only had 16GB to play with.

It may sound silly, and a #firstworldproblem, but oh goodness how annoying it was to get that little pop up that said "Cannot take photo, please adjust memory settings". It was always a sacrifice between my music, my text messages, apps, and photos.

But no more will I have to deal with that. I got myself a 64GB work horse now. I really just wanted 32GB, but those aren't available at the moment (and not sure if they ever will be).

I love this thing. It's nicely sized, familiar to me, and Siri and I are getting along great so far. It really is the little things in life that can put a smile on your face.


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