September 16, 2015

Update: How I Spent My 27th Birthday.

I wrote a post few weeks ago talking about why I don't do much for my birthday. This has been a tradition for a few years now. My 27th was not much different. Except, I finally got to wear my Amy Winehouse tank. Yay. I'm all about that #VirgoLife.

Again, I didn't do anything extravagant. The only thing I had planned for certain was that my friend Jennifer and I were going to get lunch. We went to a Cuban restaraunt called Coppelia on 14th Street. We've been here before, and came again because the food was so good. The portions are also huge - two people can share one of their rice and meat bowls. I had some sort of rice, beans, and egg plate. 'Twas delicious.

After that Jennifer and I decided to go the the Highline. We frequented here last summer, and again this year because it's just a nice place to be. Beautiful views of the city, the gardens within the park, and they even have lounge seats for you to lay out and relax on. Loved it.

We decided to go to our other favorite place to just chill out in the city - Chelsea Piers. This is our usual go to spot if we can't figure out anything else to do, or just wanna enjoy the beautiful view of the water. And people watch - cause ya know, that's fun every damn day of the week.

We headed uptown to Washington Heights to grab a few drinks and continue our easy going celebration. It was calm, cute, and wonderful. And that is how I always want my birthday to be.

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