August 3, 2015

New Drugstore Finds.

Wet n Wild, Sally Hansen, and L.A. Girl
In my local drugstores, there hasn't been much change in the products on those shelves. So I never even bother looking at them, tbh. But every now and again I find something worth picking up. Here are a (very) few I've purchased recently.

First up I had to restock on concealer. L.A. Girl's pro concealer is my fave on earth because the shade matches perfectly and it"s ridiculously inexpensive (when I used to order it from Cherry Culture, it was $2.00 USD, now I've found it at Ricky's and its $5.00, but still worth the price). My face shade is chestnut, and I also picked up a color correcting orange because I running out of my Makeup Forever one. A cheap concealer that matches my skin tone perfectly, can be found in my local costume shop, AND it's affordable? Yespleaseandthankyou.

Next up in this Sally Hansen in shade Babe Blue. I picked this up on a whim, and because I'm still searching for the perfect light-periwinkle-blue-little-bit-of-lilac color to add to add to my collection. This looks like one of those colors that needs a professional to do it, so when I get them done I'll be sure to take some photos.

Lastly, just the other day I was I. The Wet N Wild aisle in Walgreens and I spotted purple. Lavender, to be more exact. And we all know how I love me a purple. This is (the apparently new) product from the Fergie collection called The Stand out. I've never seen them before, so I'm gonna have to look up some swatches because I BELIEVE I want more. Haven't used it yet, but the color is gorgeous and it did t feel too drying on my hand. Stay tuned of a review for that.

What have you recently gotten from the drugstore? A girl needs suggestions!

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