July 29, 2015

All new ERRTHANG (Blog relaunch).

Hey guys. I know it's been a ridiculously long time since you've heard from me - over a freaking year. That's a no bueno. But it's honestly due to not having enough time to blog. I was focusing on finishing my degree and work. I'm currently taking a break from both, and I've had the itch to start doing this all again.

However, it'll be a little different. I've turned Love That Lavender Brunette into Strangeandpretty.com (yay for my own domain name!), and I probably won't be as beauty focused as I was before. Beauty will still be here - I of course do still love the act of beating a face, but I'm really going to have this blog be my little corner of the internet to showcase things that I just like. Whether it's beauty, lifestyle, fashion, everyday things, or just me complaining about random nonsense - you're gonna find that here. I know it may be different for some of you and you'll either love it or hate it, but it's truly where I wanted to take this blog and I have high hopes for it.

I'm still ironing out some of the kinks - updating things, switching some stuff around, getting used to blogging again, etc. So bare with me. But within the next few weeks everything will be unveiled and we'll be on and poppin again.

In the meantime, you know you can always find me on twitter and instagram to see what nonsense I'm into in real time. So make sure to follow me on those.

Love you!

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