April 17, 2014

No Regrets, Just Love: Top 3 Eyeshadows.

Lancome Guest List, MAC Sketch, MAC Young Punk

Another addition to the No Regrets, Just Love series of my top faves (you can view my brushes and blushes posts from the series too). Here are three eyeshadows I've loved forever and ever.

Lancome Guest List
My coworker gave me one of those gift with purchase sets from a department store a few years back. It was filled with Lancome products - including an eyeshadow quad with this shade in it. I used it to death, and was usually the main lid color to my regular smokey eye. It's a nice warm dark brown that just goes so, so well with my skintone. If it isn't on my lid, it's in my crease defining it up.

Lancome Guest List Eyeshadow
MAC Sketch
This is one of my first MAC eyeshadows I've ever purchased. And it's my favorite. Back when I was still trying to perfect my smokey eye, I discovered this and fell in love. Purples have always looked wonderful on my eyes (it just gives me such a nice sultry look, I love it), and this is my go to for it.

MAC Sketch Eyeshadow

MAC Young Punk
Oh. My. God. This eyeshadow...like. UGH. I clearly am at a lost for words, because it is absolutely STUNNING and I have been in love with it since I purchased it (way in the back back days, during the Style Black Collection). It is purple, it is glittery, it is pigmented as all hell, and it is mineralized. These are the things I live for in my makeup life. I really wish I would have purchased backups of this when I had the chance.

MAC Young Punk Eyeshadow

From left to right: Guest List, Sketch, and Young Punk

Lancome Guest List, MAC Sketch, MAC Young Punk

What are your favorite eyeshadows?

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