March 29, 2014

Weekly Crushes.

Crushes are links to things I'm into for the week that may or may not be beauty related - a blog I've recently discovered and want to rave about, a youtube video that blew me away, some awesome info I picked up, a song that's been on repeat on my ipod, and anything else I'm loving and I want you guys to know about!

TheSocialiteLife's Beauty Blender vs. Real Technique's Sponge Showdown (video) - The beauty world has gone gaga over beauty sponges as of late. Sandi breaks down the goods and the bads of a higher end contender, and it's more affordable dupe.

OrganizedLikeJen (youtuber) - I love organization videos. Specifically, stationary, planners, and journals. Jen talks about all of these, and more.

The Great Gatsby: 2013 Version (movie) - Like most of us, I had to read The Great Gatsby in high school. I didn't appreciate it much then as I do now. I've seen the 1974 version, so I was excited to see the most recent one. This movie is as wonderful as it is gorgeous. Ahh I can't stop watching it whenever it comes on.

Glee "Wings" (song/performance) - I'm a Gleek...and I have been for years. Even though the last few seasons haven't been the best they could have been, every now and again there are gem performances that I watch/listen to over and over again. I don't even remember watching this one on the show, I randomly found it on Youtube a little while ago. It's been stuck in my head ever since.

11 Productivity Tips For The Self Employed (video) - I'm not self employed, but these tips are universal for ANYONE who...lives life with a ton of things on their plate. Alex gives us wonderful tips on how to keep focused and stay on top of things.

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