March 6, 2014

Style Inspiration: The Evil Queen.

Let me just say: Regina Mills/The Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time is the ultimate BAMF (Bad Ass Motherf**ker, just in case you didn't know). I've given this point in my No Regrets, Just Love post on the entire series. But oh my god, just look at what this woman walks around town in.

That dress is perfect. Absolutely perfect. And may I add the fact that this is the getup she wore to go off and poison Snow White. Yes - she is absolutely evil and fashionable at the same damn time.




Ahhh I cannot take all the Bad Bitch vibes oozing from her. Can you feel it? Can you feel it?!

Oh and, these pictures came from these awesome OUAT fansites: Once Upon A Time Fansite and Lana Parilla Fan. Take a lookie at their sites for more Evil Queen, along with other AMAZING costumes and photos from the show.

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