March 20, 2014

My Skincare Story.

I know skincare is a major part of the beauty community. It's literally our canvas for all the other bits and bobs we deal with on a regular basis. Everyone has their story about how their skin works, so here's mine!

Oh and, the lovely Cassandra (I'm sorry if you're not a Whovian because if so you're probably terrified at this point) is up there to guide you into this wonderful skin journey you're about to take.

Since I was younger, my mother was always making sure to take care of my skin, and showing me how to take care of it myself. I've always had dry skin on my body, so my baths always had those Aveeno oatmeal pack things thrown in there. Lotion was a ridiculously important part of my bath times. Drink water, moisturize your face, lotion up your skin - all that was instilled in me growing up. I guess you can say those were the foundations of whatever skincare process I have now.

When I was younger (around 8 or 9) I had sort of bad acne - really small bumps all over my face. These weren't full on pimples I was dealing with (the silver lining of this, I guess?), just small bumps that would ALWAYS be there no matter what I did. It took a toll on my self esteem cause I'd actually get made fun of because of it (yeah, kids can be cruel even THAT young). I have no clue what they're called, or what they were caused by, but yeah. They eventually went away though (sometimes before I went into high school...thank goodness), and I haven't had "real" acne since.

What kind of skin do you have?
My skin is really oily. Like super duper oily. Fry some chicken on your face kind of oily. But it isn't overly sensitive or acne-prone, so thank goodness for that. The only time I get a few pimples here and there is when I'm going through my *~girly time~* of the month.

What's troubled your skin before?
Again, I don't have overly sensitive skin on my face. So it takes a lot for something to really effect it. However, a few things have actually screwed up my skin. I used an olive oil based hairspray a few years back, and not only did it make my scalp itch to all HELL, but my face broke out for over a week. It was terrible, and I now stay away from anything containing olive oil (topically, I mean. I cook with the stuff all the time and I'm fine).

I got a free Cupcake Mask from Lush a few years back, and that broke me out as well. My face was itchy, and I had pimples. That one's such a shame because it smelled magnificent - just like cupcake batter. Seemingly related, I used the Soft Coeur body butter from Lush (which contains a chunk of real chocolate in the center of it), and that broke me out in hives. I guess me and chocolatey skincare don't get along?

Oils in general seem to have a bad effect on me too. I've been using the Tarte Maracuja oil on and off for a few months now and it seems whenever I throw it into my routine I get random pimples here and there.

Any weird stuff you've done in the name of skincare?
I used to use pure alcohol as a toner. Yes, rubbing alcohol guys. In my head, I figured since I'm so oily, why not use something that's drying as hell. I mean, it DID take off whatever extra makeup I had left over really well. But I don't think I used that method long enough to see what horrible effects it'd have on my skin.

What's your skincare process now?
I've kind of simplified my skincare routine as of late. That's because there's a few new products I've tried that seemingly have messed with my skin. I'm trying to pinpoint what it is, and exactly what it's doing. But I'm sticking to what I know is good for me right now: Philosophy Purity Facial Wash (check my review of it here) and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (mini review here). Every week and a half or so, I do a face mask using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Clay Mask. I also use that to spot treat pimples. I've been using that for years and I still haven't found any product that comes close to being as good as that one.

I also make it a point now to take my makeup off before I go to bed. I know everyone stresses this point here in the beauty community, but seriously, take that shit off. It's horrible to sleep in. Plus, it just feels better going to bed with a cleansed face. And I'm not even talking about full-blown washing your face. When I can't muster up the energy to do all of that, I use my Yes To Cucumbers wipes (mini review of these here) and they are a dream. They take off the makeup, and leave a clean fresh feel to my skin.

Anything else?
Everyone's skin is different. I've been lucky enough to not be dealt an unfortunate hand when it comes to my skin. But the main thing is to just take care of your skin - whatever way your skin needs you to. It's the largest organ on your body, and usually one of the first people notice when they meet you. Do something for it - whether that's masks twice a week, oiling it at night, or simply drinking more water during the day. It'll love you more in the long run.

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