March 31, 2014

Milani The Multitasker Face Powder In Chestnut.

Milani Multitasker Face Powder

After I'd used up my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, I was in the market for a new powder to set my foundation with. More specifically, a much cheaper alternative to MAC's hefty $30 price tag for their MSFs. Finding something fitting my price range and my shade match proved a bit difficult. In the drugstore, I'm usually faced with two problems looking for a face powder: shades don't run deep enough, or the undertone of the shade is completely off. 

Milani Multitasker Face Powder

After vigorous online shade research (read: looking at a million swatches), I decided on trying out something from Milani. Chestnut seemed like it was the best match for my NW45 skin in swatches, so I picked that up. The color is a damn good match - it's not ridiculously red (a problem I run into a lot with deeper drugstore shades), but it's not so cool toned that it looks ashy. This fact alone makes me feel like I've hit the face powder jackpot. Seriously, it is so hard to find a balance of these two things in any product, let alone a drugstore one. So yay for that.

Milani Multitasker Face Powder with Flash

As far as the consistency of the powder itself, this stuff is really soft. It feel nice to touch (when I swatch it), and it isn't chalky. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey on my skin either. It's wonderful at keeping my face matte during the day - I haven't noticed any extra oiliness after my day is done (usually about 6 hours or so). I would love to see how this powder holds up in the warmer months - it's winter in NYC right now, so I don't have too much sweat and grossness to worry about. I'll make sure to keep a compact of this around during the summertime to see how it does.

I notice a slight scent to this, though. For some reason, there's a bit of a...old people smell? That smell you'd get if you went into your grandma's room and played with the things on her vanity - there's some of that. But it's extremely faint, and not overbearing. I actually like the smell, and it's making me want to try more Milani powders just so I have more chances to smell it (I'm a weirdo, I know).

What's your favorite drugstore face powder?

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