February 15, 2014

Weekly Crushes.

Crushes are links to things I'm into for the week that may or may not be beauty related - a blog I've recently discovered and want to rave about, a youtube video that blew me away, some awesome info I picked up, a song that's been on repeat on my ipod, and anything else I'm loving and I want you guys to know about!

Lana Del Rey "Body Electric" (song) - I first heard this is Lana's film "Tropico" that was realeased a few months ago. And I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. It's been on repeat ever since.

Dark Brown Smokey Eye (tutorial) - I love smokey eyes, as you all may know. So whenever I find a new one I like, I add it to my collection. This one is really nice cause it's brown based and not TOO dark, but it gets the deep, vampy point across.

Memphis May Fire (band) - I think this is another band I discovered somewhere in the Punk Goes Pop world. Amazing band, lead singer Matty has beautiful vocals, etc. Can barely take listening to them cause everything is so heartfelt and just ugh. Love them.

Bob's Burgers (television show) - This is the greatest show on earth. You know how when you watch a comedic show, you kind of get your favorite character figured out within a few episodes? That doesn't go on here. Everyone is my favorite character because they're all hilarious in their own wonderfully insane ways.

Archer (television show) - I discovered this in between episodes of America Horror Story. There's always Archer commercials on the breaks when I watch AHS. And I could not help but to hear that the lead character sounds exactly like Bob from Bob's Burgers. And that's because it freakin IS. Ahh H. Jon Benjamin's voice is comedic GOLD.

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