February 20, 2014

Milani Black Cherry Lipstick.

I've been on a dark/bold lips kick lately. It started with MAC's Russian Red (see my post on that here), and now I'm just hunting down every bold lip I can find. I keep seeing Black Cherry in my Walgreens, so I finally decided to pick it up.

Black Cherry is a deep wine-burgundy shade. It leans more red than purple, as opposed to something like MAC's Cyber or Smoked Purple. I was afraid the undertones in this would make my teeth look yellow (I give no damns about the color of the food I eat and I'm not too into whitening), but it really didn't.

I wouldn't say this color is completely opaque - it took s a few swipes across my lips/hand to get it up to the color you see here. That's my main issue with this lipstick - it looks a bit streaky/messy when applied, and I feel a color like this should be opaque right out of the tube for it to look good.

And just a little note - these do have a scent. It smells very similar to...watermelon jolly ranchers to me. I like it. I'm not one who's sensitive to smells or anything, but I don't think it'd be too overwhelming for you if you are.

What dark lipsticks are you into this season?

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