January 6, 2014

NYX Castle Lipstick.

I have something to confess: I am a purple lipstick hoarder. Purples and purple toned pinks are my beauty weakness. I have too many, and I want more. When I saw that NYX's Castle existed, I needed it.

Castle is a real purple though - there's not much pink to be seen here. It's also very cool toned. And something that I was not excited about when I got it in the mail - it's slightly frosty. I absolutely hate frost finishes in lipstick, and really didn't see any in the swatches I looked at before purchasing. I'm pretty sure that's my fault, though. I probably got so excited to see another purple I didn't notice it *Shrugs*. It's sort of subtle though - it's not like I have a glittery Barney on my lips when I wear it. I usually don't wear this on its own - I like to pair it with those purple-toned pinks I mentioned earlier. It adds some extra umph to the lip look.

Like the rest of NYX's round lipsticks, Castle is extremely creamy and moisturizing. That's one of the reasons I keep going back to the brand for lipsticks - they just feel so damn good on the lips. Makes me almost not bother wearing a lip balm with it (almost guys, almost).

Are you into purple lipsticks? What are your favorites?

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