January 27, 2014

No Regrets, Just Love: Alexa Studded Leather Bag.

Every person who's into fashion has their thing: you're either a shoe girl, a bag girl, a hat girl, etc. I am most certainly a bag girl. I love them, I collect them, I study them, all that.

I lusted over this bag (and it's much more expensive cousin, the Alexander Wang Rocco) for about a year before purchasing. I watched countless Youtube videos on it, wondered what I'd put in it, how I'd style it, etc. I finally bit the bullet and put an order in at Bag Inc.

While I've never owned the designer version, the Alexa is a damn good bag. I've had it for about two years, and there's been no real wear or tear to it (*knocks on wood*). It's made of real leather, and it definitely feels like real leather. I will say, it smelled a little...off when I first got it in the mail. But that scent wore off after a few days.

One thing, that I'm sure you've heard if you've ever looked into this bag - it is super duper heavy. Like, "Oh man my arm is sore after a long day" heavy. That's because of how hefty and sturdy the studs at the bottom are, though. I had a real tough time with this at first, as I used the bag for college and had a small binder and a planner in there. But I learned that the Alexa just isn't a school bag - so I no longer use it as one. When my most recent semester at school ended, I couldn't WAIT to switch back to my Alexa.

Another small qualm I had with it was the shoulder strap - the original one that came with it was a bit too long for me. So I switched it with one from a different bag I owned, which just so happened to match it perfectly. I'm pretty sure this is only an issue because I'm super short (I'm a mere 5'0), since I've never really heard anyone else have this problem when talking about the bag.

I love all the bags I purchase, or else I wouldn't purchase them. But when I tell you the Alexa is my baby - gwurl. It is my baby. It is my most favorite accessory I own, it's just so beautiful and perfect for me. Oh and, I named her Mercedes (which may or may not be after the Glee character). I never name bags. Ever. THAT'S how in love I am.

What's your favorite fashion accessory?

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