January 13, 2014

Milani Corallina Baked Blush.

Milani Corallina Blush

I have a soft spot for orange-toned blushes. They go well with my warm undertones, they give my face a glow, and usually, they're not as *~scary~* as they look in the pan. I'd been eyeing Corallina for a while before purchasing, and I finally caved in when Cherry Culture had a sale.

Milani Corallina Blush

Corallina is a mineralized blush - so there is shimmer. Not obnoxious shimmer, though - it's exactly where it needs to be and gives a subtle glow to the cheeks. It's a slightly deeper orange than NYX's Cinnamon (I have a review of that one here), and doesn't give off that almost-kinda-sorta chalky look like Cinnamon does.

Milani Corallina Blush

Milani Corallina Blush

I wear this with anything - a smokey eye, no makeup-makeup, a neutral look, ERRTHANG. It's just that kind of blush that you can add to almost any look and it fits in fabulously.

What blush are you loving right now?

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