January 20, 2014

Bite Beauty Lip Gloss in Garnet.

I have a million lip glosses, so I never really gravitate towards them when I'm out shopping for makeup. But my hairdresser is awesome, and got me my first Bite Beauty product for my birthday. She knows me well (I've been going to her for over four years now), and anything she suggests/picks out for me is usually on point.

As much lippies as I own, I don't have many corals. That's really because I never think coral/orange toned colors look good on my lips. But I was wrong. Garnet gives my lips a nice, lively, healthy tint. It's not as overbearing as it may look in the tube. 

Something that really irks me about this gloss is - it's extremely sticky. Like, really really sticky. I've never been one to suffer from Sticky Lipgloss Syndrome, and no gloss has ever really bothered me in this area (I never get the fuss when people pull the "Omg my hair gets stuck to my lips waaahhh" card). But Garnet goes HARD in the paint when it comes to being sticky. I find it difficult to even use the wand to apply, so I have to use my finger to blend it out on my lips. THAT is a pain, because since it's so pigmented, I'm left with an orange finger. No bueno. 

That really is the only issue I have with this, but it's such a serious issue, it kind of overshadows all the good in it. It smells nice (a cross between fresh fruit and candy), and it's all natural - healthy enough for you to eat.

What's your favorite all natural beauty product?

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