December 7, 2013

Weekly Crushes.

Crushes are links to things I'm into for the week that may or may not be beauty related - a blog I've recently discovered and want to rave about, a youtube video that blew me away, some awesome info I picked up, a song that's been on repeat on my ipod, and anything else I'm loving and I want you guys to know about!

OhHaiClaire (youtuber) - I'm pretty sure I'd watch anything this girl uploads. She's gorgeous, fun to watch, great at what she does, and not to mention she's ridiculously hot. 
The Most Popular Girls In School (video) - It's rare that I find a series on Youtube that I love and look forward to watching. I found TMPGIS through wonderful Tumblr gifs (how else do we find out about internet shit?), and have been in love ever since. It's ridiculously vulgar - so don't let the kiddies catch you with this one. But it's hilarious and it makes me wish everyday was Tuesday (that's when new episodes are up).
Sherlock (television show) - Another "Tumblr made me do it". I have some weird obsession with British television shows, so of course I had to get into Sherlock. Benny Cumby's (that's what I'm calling this guy from here on out) version of the detective is wonderful to watch. Also, his peacoat game is STUNNING. 
Once Upon A Time (television show) - My fairytales are back. And while I didn't think the third season would be that interesting (since the main "issue" with the show has already been "fixed"), I was totally proved wrong. Neverland has never been so...evil.
American Horror Story (television show) - I love that the same writers of Glee also write something as twisted as American Horror Story. This show is TOUGH. The intricate storylines and creepy situations are what makes me love this season.

What are you crushing on this week?

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