December 26, 2013

No Regrets, Just Love: Jordana Liquid Eyeliner.

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner

Jordana's Incolor Liquid Eyeliner is the reason why my cat eye game has been stepped up over the past few years. I randomly saw the Jordana line in Walgreens a while back, and decided to give liquid liner a try. I fell in love instantly.

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner

I was, at one point, scared of doing a cat eye, but this liner makes it ridiculously easy. The "brush" is similar to a felt tip marker - it's fairly short, and very stiff. I need my liquid liner to have a stiff brush - the softer, more flimsy ones don't give me the control I need to perfect my lines. It's actually harder now for me to do ANY kind of eyeliner if it isn't with liquid liner.

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner

I've never noticed any fading of it during the day - once it's on, it's on. Between this and my mascaras, my makeup remover puts in some SERIOUS work.

My favorite thing about this is the price - the most I've ever paid for it was $2.50, and that's when it's not on sale. I've gone through a ton of these, and will continue to buy because it's perfect for me.

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