December 2, 2013

MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

MAC Russian Red

Two things I've always stood clear of on my lips are: shimmers, and mattes. The first because I thought it made my lips look huge and obnoxious. The second because my lips tend to be dry on their own, and I don't want a desert on my mouth. I've owned maybe one matte lipstick, and I got that one by accident.

MAC Russian Red

However, I've been in the market for a true red for a while. I was going back and forth between Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I picked up Russian Red because it seemed to not look as orange on me as Ruby Woo did. 

MAC Russian Red

Surprinsgly the matte formula was not as drying as I feared it would be - it was quite comfortable all six hours I wore it. Yes, six freaking hours of wear, without having to touch up at all. While I did put on MAC's Current lipliner with it, I almost didn't bother wearing a liner at all - that's a damn first for me. 

I really do love this color. Somehow it's easier for me to just throw on whenever I don't feel like doing too much.

What are your favorite matte shades?


  1. welcome back! i'm glad you're posting again! :) russian red is a fave of mine as well, and this is so much more manageable than it's sister, ruby woo.

    1. thank you my dear! russian red is just perfect for me...i wore it yet AGAIN yesterday.


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