December 9, 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish In Lightscapade.

MAC Lightscapade

Lightscapade is much more of a cooler highlight than I normally go for. But, I'm a highlighter hoarder so nothing is safe from me. 

MAC Lightscapade

The veining includes opal and champagne-toned white, hints of light blue and pink, and a bit of gold. It looks so absolutely glorious in the pan and swatched, but it's easy for me to put a little too much on and it ending up looking a bit off on my skin. Again, that's simply because of how cool it is. You fairer skin beauties would be able to wear this without any issue.

MAC Lightscapade

It gives a wonderful glow to the face in the form of a nice sheen, as opposed to a harsh glitter. Lightscapade also goes a long with a variety of makeup looks, so it's good to have around for your most natural or your most dramatic days.

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  1. Really nice review! : )
    One question, tough! It is still on the stores? I really want to get this! :\


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