December 16, 2013

Chai Tea - My Current Love.

If you know anything about me, you'd know I was once a serious Red Bull drinker. Like...four cans a day serious. I had to stop all that cause it really screwed up my body - I had flu like symptoms, as well as a racing heart, etc. I stopped the energy drink thing for a while, then got into coffee. That was another no-no for me. After a while I started replacing my cups of coffee with tea - and remembered why I loved this stuff so much when I was younger.

I'll try pretty much any type of tea, I've had a ton of them. But chai seems to be my favorite. It's spicy, warm, and just...different. I've had it with milk, and that's fine. But I really do prefer it without. I also realize how easy it is for tea to taste delicious without a bunch of sugar. That's another problem I had with drinking coffee - I'd dump a shit ton of sugar into it. No bueno at all.

A warm cup of tasty tea is my new thing now. Come home, sit down with a good book and a mug full of chai - instant perfection.

What's your favorite relaxing winter drink?

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