April 6, 2013

This Week's Crushes.

Crushes are links to things I'm into for the week that may or may not be beauty related - a blog I've recently discovered and want to rave about, a youtube video that blew me away, some awesome info I picked up, a song that's been on repeat on my ipod, and anything else I'm loving and I want you guys to know about!

Jay's Life (video) - I'm not usually into web series or anything of that sort, but I came across this one somewhere in the deep, dark, depths of youtube. It chronicles the crazy *~shennanigans~* our main character gets himself into a regular basis. New season just started (I didn't even know youtube shows HAD seasons?), and it's wonderful. But, I must warn you, viewer discretion is advised. There's some dirty words thrown in there, so keep the kiddies away.

Doctor Who (television show) - The doctor is back! And this time, with a brand new companion. If you haven't heard of Doctor Who, it's a legendary (it's celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year) science fiction series about a "doctor" (an alien, really) who travels in a police box throughout time and space, going on crazy adventures. The new season of the show started last week, and it was wonderful. I can't wait to see what's coming up for the rest of show. 

Goldiestarling's Bite Tutorial (makeup tutorial) - I'm so used to doing "regular" makeup, that whenever I see stage/theater/film makeup done I'm in awe. It's something I've never delved into, and I know I should at learn a thing or two about it. Angie does wonderful stage makeup tutorials, and here's one showing you how to create a bite wound.

Blogging Tips (website) - Since I started blogging again, I've been trying to take in as much info as possible about how to blog. I pick tips and tricks from various places on the net, but I found myself over at Blogging Basics way more than any other place. Really helped me a lot.

Brooke Beauty (youtuber) - Whenever I start a new semester, I'm always into watching school organization videos and things of that nature. In my quest for such, I found Brooke. I'm sure she's just in high school, but she has some good school/study tips that are valuable even as a college student. She also does beauty videos that are pretty good too.

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